Dear Zvwopl

This probably can’t be cracked via the caesar generator I just posted, but I didn’t post anything important anyway so don’t worry about it. 🙂

klhy zvwo pl

umyf tqem pzqe etmz suzs ahqd kagd tamp
sudg mvqh wllz slqg musf fwnw jsts fvgf
meqx lipe yklx ivcs yzip eykl ihws sjxi
qelr devl roex mmfk bppj xvex sbyb bkcx hb
vznq rgun gynh tugr etra hvar
gykr fcqr yrga rfyr kyic qwms uylr rmbg qynn cyp
tmll zwxw sjgx zmjl afyk gewg fwlz slkz sucd wkqg mzwj wafk lwsv
znua mneu acoy nocg ymut keua gryu xkgr ofk
hvoh woah vscb shch voby tcfm cifv oddw bsgg
yqcj xugk yujm yixu ijxq joek iywx jxuc kbjy jktu evfh qouh iveh qruj juht qojx qjki kqbb oqbm qois ecui
woao rofy uvcg hhvs gwbu izof tfws brhc kvca mciq obqc btwr sozz
hsrx kmzi qier eqi

-zvwo pl

Caesar Cipher Generator

I wanted to post something kinda secret, but also on this blog. So I figured I’d do it in a cipher, so if people want to read the message they’d at least need to put in the work to decode it. 😉

Here’s a quick script for generating a caesar cipher, where each letter in the word is shifted by some common number. I’ve included a fast implementation of a decoder in circumstances where the shift seed is unknown. It takes advantage of the letter frequencies of the English language to make some guesses at possible shifts. It’s definitely imperfect, so I might go back and edit this post later if it comes to it.