Oh, the greatness of boxes

Boxes are pretty great.

I mean, look at them:

Look at them!!

Boxes are a great way to create distinctions between “this” and “that”. This is inside the box, that is outside. This is the problem I’m addressing right now, that is the one I’ll fix tomorrow. These are the feelings I’m ok with having right now, those are the ones I’ll look at… eh, maybe on spring cleaning day.

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First post, introductions and the like.

Hi there, faceless reader!

I’m Sophie.

I like robots and code, lettuce and tomatoes, guitar and piano. I try to learn a bit of everything while I can, because there are too many amazing things in this world to be left not learned.

This blog will be a catalog of things happening in my life, but the first few posts will likely be me cleaning out my local folders of things I’d like to keep on the web for posterity.

I hope you’ll find interesting things on this site, and at least crack a smile at some of my jokes. (Hey, let me believe I’m at least a little bit funny! >//<)