Quarantine Life

I totally forgot I had a blog until I got notified that I needed to renew my domain name a couple days ago. Do people even read blogs nowadays? Is the cool thing to write a Medium post or make YouTube vids now? I started this blog back in 2015(!!!!!!) and I’m 26 now and no longer that bright-eyed, sleep deprived college kid. I’ve evolved into a sleep deprived adult! I read though some of my non-technical posts, and was honestly kind of half impressed half dying of cringe at my writing. Despite the cringe, I kind of want to write more…. Apparently there are still people visiting this blog daily, which is really cool honestly. I appreciate you guys! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶

However, since I wrote the speech to text stuff, natural language processing has taken HUUUUUGE strides such that Sphinx probably isn’t your best open source tool anymore. My work now heavily focuses on ML actually, so don’t worry I’m actually saying that as a professional who knows what she’s talking about. Since I do want to continue this blog even if nobody’s reading, I should make some new posts about that…. Hmm! Maybe I will!

I figure I should generate some content since I’m here… so here are some life updates on my quarantine life.

I got into plants

No pics though because its like 12am and I’m realizing I never take photos of things that aren’t my dog. I do have a monstera and a sansevieria and a ficus plant I’m really proud of. I kept them alive for a whole year!

BTW I have a dog!

Started to learn music production

Music has always been a passion of mine, and I’ve always loved singing. I decided to put some effort into learning Logic Pro, with the eventual goal of making my own songs. I’ve covered a few so far, and I’m pretty proud of myself. Logic Pro is so complicated, but I think I’m kinda getting it. Working on my Spotify debut song right now!

I can cover songs in 3 languages btw! 😀

Ate a bunch of ramen and soylent

Ugh, I realized cooking requires a TON of motivation which is really hard to find when you’ve been alone for a year. I’ve gotten pretty creative with my instant ramen and honestly Soylent doesn’t even taste that bad now. Is this… a win or a lose though I can’t tell.

that’s it

I did some other stuff, got into an MMO, joined some twitch streams, started journaling a lot, ran a bunch of half marathons, worked up the courage to openly disagree with a friend, started seriously looking for a boyfriend, learned full-stack development, found out shopping for clothes is actually really fun, got into GPU programming etc etc etc. But this isn’t a YouTube vlog, so I’ll just stop here. Thanks for reading this update on the last year of my life, I hope both yours and mine will be full of things to look forward to in the months to come.