About Me

Hi there!

My name is Sophie Li, I love robots, and have worked on many human-robot interaction projects during my time Olin Robotics Lab. For more information about my projects, please check out my personal website at justsophie.com.

Outside of academia and work, I like to bake, sing, and write. I’m trying to make this blog a place to gather my thoughts–I have a lot of them and they’re all over the place, so posts aren’t really in any organized order. Here are the post categories currently available:

I’m mainly focused on the coding side of robotics. Interesting coding scripts I come across are filed here.

I’m not much of a theist, but I do believe that God has loved me, and will continue to love me for all my life. Posts inspired from church/songs/life in general go here.

Microcontrollers, semiconductors, and mechanical designs go here. Lower level languages like C and Verilog are here too. There’s some seriously cool stuff that electrons can do! :O

Interesting Things
Title. Interesting things that don’t go anywhere else.

Musings. I like to write.

I’m super excited about this one. Writing prompts are hard, so I sporadically pick a person I know and write a post about them. These posts tend to be quite abstract, since that’s my favorite way to write.

Cool photos. I take a lot of pictures of flowers…

Thanks for dropping by! Stay a while. 🙂