A Reflection on 2015

Since it’s the last day of the year, it’s prime time to do some reflecting!

All in all, this year was pretty great. I got a summer internship at Apple, which has opened up an insane amount of doors. Though I’ve still got far to go and much to learn, being selected for a summer internship at such a big company has given me quite an ego boost. Still, since confidence easily turns into pride, I hope that I can rein it in a bit in the coming months. Quiet confidence is what I’m aiming for, the kind that manifests itself as an aura instead of hot air.

I’d really like to make blogging a habit, but the lack of free time in my schedule makes it difficult. And it’s not just time, but motivation as well. I enter each semester brimming with ambitions and ideas, but always end up burning out near the end. I’d like to put more effort into work life balance next semester, impossible as it may sound. I’ll pour more free time into working on Edwin instead of fooling around on the internet.

edwin head

Look at how cute he is!

There’s a paper deadline coming up in March, and I really need to buckle down and really think about how I’m going to write this and present it. My robotics professor has poured a lot of time into my project, so I need to repay him in kind. Slacking off would not only be a detriment to me, but an insult to him.


I promise that we’ll do great things together Edwin!

On a separate note entirely, I haven’t been able to bake or cook as much as I’d like to this past semester, but I’m hoping to change that by having some new posts dedicated to cool recipes that I have. I have a lot of interests, but I think with proper time management I can succeed at all of them. It’s a matter of arbitration and passion I suppose. I made some really great green tea almond cookies last year, and I’m hoping I can dig up the recipe for it again.

I’ve also bought a new camera, and I’ve been playing around with the features. Photography is a really interesting art, one that I’m hoping to learn a bit about. One way I practiced was following my friends around and taking pictures of their lives. It was pretty fun and an interesting way to spend more time with people. I think I’ll try to do more of that next year too.


She’s super talented. (Taken and published with permission.)

Whether its music, photography, or technical expertise, I’m going to continue working on learning all the things and doing all the stuff. Next year is going to be great. 😀


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