Found this picture and this piece of writing in the recesses of my folders. The picture was really pretty, and the piece was really interesting. What better way to showcase two completely unrelated things than to make a post about them? 😀

The photo was taken during an evening run, when I was particularly astonished at how prettily the light backlit the trees where I was running. The piece is a rant from some moment last year when I was upset.

Whenever I write, I tend to get caught up in the feelings of the words. Colors and sounds mean the same thing a lot of times, so they tend to bleed into each other when I write. Though I am far from a good writer, I’d like to continue working on being a better one.

I was working through some feelings while writing this, so it is a bit melodramatic, haha. Anyhow, here we go:


As if by a proclamation from the skies, her hand tremors and the domino falls. The next domino chases the fate of its friend, toppling swiftly. The next, too scared to stand now that its brothers have begun to fall, quickly ducks to the floor.

She’s too scared to look now, but she just knows that everything is over. All those meticulously placed domino towers, domino bridges, and domino houses are clattering down despite her whispered pleas for them to stand strong. Rows upon rows of dominos dance and fall, their chittering matching so nicely with the panicked chatter in her chest.

She blushes as the eyes in the room turn to look. Dominos were so loud, but the eyes were so much louder. The dominos chitter, but the eyes growl “It’s all you!”. She knows she’s hearing wrong. She’s not the center of the universe, far from it. She knows it’s wrong to imagine that eyes can talk and that everyone’s chest is bleeding with the same love that hers is. Hands over her ears to avoid the stares, she crouches under the table as everything is whisked away and she’s alone again.

She sits beside her thoughts, her eyes making noise and her heart dripping puddles. But thoughts aren’t obliging. “It’s all you!”, they keep on yelling, as if smitten with the chorus of the eyes from before. “You”, they shriek, “you you you”. The noise is so loud and the puddles are becoming red oceans. She takes a deep breath and holds it while the love laps at her ears.

“At least,” she sighs with her last breath as she plunges into the red to tie a boulder to her shoe, “at least it’s quiet here.”

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