Making Space

Ahhh, it’s beginning again. Breathe in, and you can smell the iCals and the anticipation in the air as Olin gears up for another semester of accomplishments and memories.

As I ink in the white spaces of my calendar with all my plans, I realize that being overcommitted is a very real thing, and that my time is becoming quite a precious commodity. I’m no longer able to throw hours at activities like a teenager with her first credit card. Anything not on my calendar is not on my mind… which is kind of sucky, because God is very clearly not on my calendar.

Prayer has always been an on the spur of the moment sort of thing like other spur of the moment things. I like guitar, so when I have lots of time I play lots of guitar. When I don’t, well, my guitar gets dusty and really flat. But I can’t afford to let my relationship with God get dusty and flat–how else I can make sure I’m building my life the way He wants me to? There’s a saying that if something is important for you, you’ll find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.

No more excuses! God is on my calendar, and I’ll have time for Him, even if it means taking a minutes from other places.


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