Algorithm for solving Knights Tour with Python(revisited)

The original Algorithm For Knights Tour was a pretty popular post, so I decided to revisit it thanks to an interesting email I got. This implementation has a couple changes:

  • You can define a ruleset for locations the knight must be at any given move
  • You can define whether the path needs to be closed or not (Knight returns to starting position)
  • There’s a visualizer now! (You’ll need to have pygame installed for it to work though)
  • No more ugly exiting using sys.exit(), we catch custom exceptions this time around

Here’s what the visualizer looks like:
(pink because pink is the best color obvs)

The tour code is mainly the same as the original post, but with the added custom exception class and booleans. Lines 137-146 deal with obeying to a custom tour ruleset

The visualizer only works if you have pygame installed. It basically runs at the end of and does a cool graphic. Completely extraneous, but I wanted something a bit more substantial than a printed out tour at the end of the program. 😛

This was pretty fun to revisit! I’m feeling all fired up and ready to tackle some other interesting problem.


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